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1. Takam Machines Quality tests includes:

          - Half complete 3-axis accuracy check

          - Half complete 48 hours test run

          - Complete 3-axis accuracy check

          - Complete 48 hours test run

          - 100% complete check

2.The M-ONE CNC vertical machine center, it is our proudest and most reliable product since 15 years ago. We have sold over thousands of machine model in this design. With the extra rigid bone design in the Z-axis column, the M-ONE series machine is perfect for mold production.  There are options to interchange between BT40 and BT50 taper, at the same time the customer also have the option to upgrade with ZF gearbox to maximize the performance of the machine when working with harder materials. 

3. The M-ONE CNC vertical machine center is standard with 6 sliding blocks in the Y and Z-axis, with 7 bearings in each axis to ensure the performance of the machine.

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